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Amplifier Connection

I used the Ameritron Amplifier Xcvr interface buffer to connect my Mark V to my Ameritron AL-811H.  I also purchased the plug & play cable from Ameritron, for the FT 1000 series.  No power cord is needed as the rig supplies the voltage. Rig to ARB, ARB to amp. That's it. May not be needed, but I figure that if it fails, it would be cheaper to replace than the shipping alone would be for sending the radio for repair. Also, I found the LIN switch did not need to be selected on the back of the radio.



Mark V band select connector to ARB via the plug & play cable

ARB to AL-811H relay connector via a supplied RCA to RCA cable

No external power supply is needed, the ARB is powered by the Mark V

I did not connect the ALC to the amp, but there are two RCA cables left over if you so choose to do that.

I did not have to flip the LIN switch on the back of the radio


Mark V Menu Setting

Internal Menu 7-5 Keyer-Delay is set at 0.28 when the amp is used and zero when I run QSK (w/o the amp).



ARB-704 Amplifier Transceiver Interface Buffer $49.99    (as of 12/29/05 @ AES)
PNP-8D Plug-N-Play cable for the FT 1000 series $15.99    (as of 12/29/05 @ AES)


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