Mobile HF CW


Mobile HF CW Station

My mobile amateur radio station consists of:

bulletYaesu FT-857D
bulletYaesu ATAS 120 Screwdriver Antenna
bulletBegali Traveler Paddles
bulletComet Duplexer

If you are on 20 meters around 1500Z or 40 meters around 0300Z, chances are you will bump into me. I operate CW from my pick-up truck during my drive to and from school. 

 During my mid-day travels, I can be found on 20 meters as well.  I monitor XX.028 looking for other CWops members and will scan the bottom 25 kHz of the bands.  I have been operating mobile CW since the summer of 2008. 



I really like the way the Ft-857D and the ATAS 120 screwdriver antenna work together.  A single button push on the radio and the antenna will adjust itself to the resonant position for 70 centimeters to 40meters.  The receiver is sensitive enough to pull out the weak ones and the 500 Hz filter does it's job nicely.  Here are some pictures of my mobile station.

The microphone is for 2 mtr operation.  The FT-857D's control head is mounted
on a Lido mount.  The paddles are mounted to a plexiglas sheet.  Notice the
white PVC  attached to the plexiglas, it fits nicely in the cup holder.

I had to cover my chrome Bencher paddles with black Duct Tape.  The chrome was
dangerous while driving...  (The bencher paddles have been replaced with Begali Traveler paddles.)

No station is complete without the antenna.

I modified a Diamond K400 mount and bolted it below the edge cap on
the box of the pick-up truck.  The screw holes were filled in with coax sealer.


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