QSL Info


QSL Information

I QSL 100% on eQSL, LOTW, and either direct or via the buro.

My "Direct" information is:

Patrick Hoppe
W228 S8735 Cherry Street
Big Bend, WI  53103

email: ww9r@wi.rr.com

I.T.U. Region  08
C.Q. Zone   04

Grid Square: EN52vv

Latitude:  42
Longitude 88


I also QSL via eQSL.  Please enter your call sign to see if you have a card from me.  If you use eQSL, here is a link to my eQSL profile.

Enter your callsign to see if you have an eQSL waiting!

You can go directly to eQSL by clicking on the logo

I also upload all my logs to The Log Book of the World.  This is just another way of exchanging QSL cards. 







The software I use for logging allows for a smooth upload to both LOTW and eQSL.  It is as simple as a couple of mouse clicks.  For more information, please visit www.n3fjp.com .



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